Courier Paperwork – Shipping Information

Shipping Documents – Waybill, Parcel Delivery, Shipment Delivery, Package Deliveries, all Courier Forms should be legibly filled out (typed if at all possible!) and contain as much detail as you can give us – contact names, telephone numbers, full street addresses, suburbs, etc, etc- all of this will ensure a smooth delivery process.

It is imperative that additional paperwork is also included for any international non document shipment- a commercial invoice or proforma invoice (examples here) stating place of origin, place of destination, value & nature of shipment will enable us to quickly clear Customs in the destination country. Without this documentation, delays are likely!

For all non document shipments into Africa, the shipper & consignees VAT number & company registration number should also be included. If in any doubt about the paperwork required, contact the operations staff at your local Royale International office.

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