Pharmaceutical & Medical

Time-Critical Delivery:

Royale International has over 15 years of experience in time-critical delivery service for pharmaceutical & medical blood-sample-based trials.

We fully understand the delicacy of pharmaceutical and medical courier work and have refined our processes to ensure we not only accommodate the precise temperature requirements but also provide a service to accommodate the time-critical nature of the clinical trial samples entrusted to our care.

We are able to collect samples directly from hospitals and clinics, and maintain ambient, cooled, or frozen temperatures using dry ice or gel packs as necessary. We then maximise the speed of our deliveries using a point-to-point network rather than the hub-and-spoke of our competitors. This means our shipments travel via the most direct route possible, giving us the ability to deliver almost anywhere in the world within 48 hours. This includes Europe and the USA, as well as South Africa.

Royale International – Your express pharmaceutical and medical courier