Garments, Shoes & Accessories

Shipping Garments:

Royale International has been shipping garments, shoes and accessories as part of their overseas courier service for many years. We’ve built up a network of strategically-placed offices globally, including 19 in China and several in Asia, Vietnam and Bangladesh, giving us an on-the-ground presence in almost all major garment industry centres.

This gives us several advantages over other international fashion courier companies, including faster point-to-point shipping routes (typically 1 – 2 days quicker than other express couriers), smoother customs experiences, and excellent communication and accountability.

All our shipments are managed entirely in-house. Our clients have the option of dealing directly with our Hong Kong operations centre in Chinese or English or contacting our South African headquarters who will put you in touch with the Royale International branch best positioned to fulfil your needs.

Ship fashion with Royale, we’ll deliver whatever you need – from a single sample to a bulk shipment – wherever you need it.

Please feel free to contact us or request a detailed quote.

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