Royale Courier Services

Royale International offers a full range of express courier services with expertise in domestic and International delivery, air freighting parcel courier services, Re-mail, Hand delivery of research mail and Field Support Banking of Hi-Tech materials for distribution. New services are being added all the time, so contact any of our offices & let us know what you need

Royale International can handle almost any kind of shipment – but there are some restrictions. Dangerous Goods – flammable/ explosive/ radioactive/magnetic – all require special handling & are restricted to certain modes of transport. International courier shipments can be no heavier than 32 kilos per piece. We cannot, by law, move cash or diamonds/ gold/platinum. The more information that you, the shipper, give us, the more detailed information we can get to you. And the faster the delivery will get done.

Benefits of using Royale Courier Services

Point to Point Delivery System

The Royale International Group takes a direct point to point delivery system approach. Wherever possible, shipments are flown on the most direct flight we can use, into either our own offices, or an associates office. This enables us to ensure the most effective transit times and shipments travel through fewer links in the delivery chain than with other methods. Which means you, the customer, will not have to pay more for increased efficiency & flexibility.

Hub and Spoke System

Simply put, this system involves sending the majority of shipments to one sorting hub, from where they are distributed to other, smaller delivery stations. There are cost savings to be made using this method, but because of our International partnerships, we are able to negotiate rates directly from the airlines that negate the cost savings gained by using the hub & spoke system. It can also increase problems with misrouting of shipments at the sorting hub and makes the whole operating system less flexible than the customer might like.

Please feel free to contact us for your international and domestic courier service needs.

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