Environmental Sustainability

  • Royale International will arrange for used courier bags to be collected and recycled. Contact us on recycle@royaleafrica.com for details.
  • Royale International will strive to promote a culture of respect for the environment within the company, by recognizing protection of the environment as one of our main core values.
  • We will be proactive rather than reactive in all our activities and publicity with regard to environmental responsibility.
  • We will always exceed compliance with relevant environmental regulations and standards.
  • We will optimize all non-renewable resources.
  • We will encourage best waste management practices such as re-use/reduce/recycle.
  • It is our environmental policy to act responsibly towards the environment by selecting only business partners who operate under the same environmentally friendly principles, and by aligning our publicity efforts with those of companies & individuals who are making a special effort in this field.

Our environmental policy is reflected in our social media where we provide a focus on the environment and it’s enjoyment and conservation.

Royale InternationalFor environmental sustainability