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Royale has various domestic and international courier services.

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Royale Africa is part of the Royale International Group.

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About Royale International

As an independent courier company, Royale International has provided customised global express delivery service solutions to clients worldwide since 1980.

Our Royale Africa Head Office is centrally located in Cape Town, South Africa, with owned international representation throughout Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe. The Asian headquarter “The Royale International Group” was founded in the early 1980s and has since grown into the largest independent courier company in Asia.

The group comprises of a comprehensive logistics network of offices strategically located around the globe ensuring maximum efficiency and accessibility. Royale International provides delivery services to businesses from a wide variety of industries including homeware & kitchenware, film, TV & advertising, publishing, banking and finance, auto parts, engineering & mining, electronics, garments shoes & accessories, and the pharmaceutical & medical industry. We are responsible for the delivery of time-critical products such as blood and plasma, hi-tech micro-chips, automotive and machine parts and classified financial information. Our responsiveness to customer needs and our willingness to literally go the next miles, especially with our extensive range of value-added services, has contributed to our growth and success.

Please feel free to contact us at Royale Africa for your international and domestic courier service needs.

Royale Africa – Get it there faster

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