Time Critical Delivery

At Royale International, we are committed to providing the most reliable time critical delivery service solutions possible. We are responsible for the delivery of express critical consignments, such as blood, plasma, hi-tech micro-chips, automotive & machine parts and classified financial information.

Years of experience, exclusive use of the Royale International Group network and our willingness to literally go the next mile enables us to offer the most flexible and direct shipping routes with maximum efficiency.

We currently service clients from a wide variety of businesses which include the clothing apparel, homeware, film, advertising, auto parts, pharmaceutical, mining and engineering industries.

Our extensive range of services include:

  • Time critical delivery service
  • Online tracking service
  • Tailor made packages
  • Hand carry delivery services
  • Special customised services
  • Time specific deliveries

Contact us for more information about our customised services.

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