Logistics Management

Royale International is able to warehouse non hazardous materials and offer distribution services on request. We will provide inventory updates, and offer logistics and supply chain management through to delivery. We currently manage the distribution services of Hi Tech parts for several major corporations, at locations all over the globe. Contact us for a tailor made logistics solution to suit your logistical requirements.

As Royale Logistics, we play a significant role in providing one-stop solutions in warehousing and logistics to customers, right from collection, storage, inventory management to delivery to destinations worldwide. In addition to the sophisticated design with a wide array of warehousing and logistics equipment, including 24 hour security monitoring systems of our strategic storage locations in the globe, our solutions provide VAS services such as web-based inventory enquiry, bar-code scanning management and regular delivery of customized inventory management reports. Certainly, we fully integrate our strength as global courier into warehousing and logistics solutions to deliver additional benefits to our honorable customers.

Currently, Royale Logistics has close to 40 strategic storage locations (SSL’s) in the world to support multinational corporates with our regional warehousing and distribution services. Our professional team is ready to serve you by calling our local sales team.

Please feel free to contact us or request a detailed quote for your warehousing and logistics management needs.

Royale International – for secure warehousing and logistics