Restoration of wildlife in West Africa

Benin isn’t at war. But Pendjari, more than 12 hours by road from the economic capital Cotonou on the Atlantic coast, has suffered years of political and economic neglect. The 4700-square-kilometre park is one of three straddling the borders of northern Benin and neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger.

Spotted hyena returns to Gabon park after 20 years: researchers

A spotted hyena has been sighted in a Gabon national park for the first time in 20 years, conservationists have said.

Wildlife foundation donates land to Rwanda national park to help with gorilla conservation

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) on Wednesday donated 27.8 hectares of land to Rwanda’s national park in a bid to help the country expand habitat for the endangered mountain gorillas and other wildlife.

Saving Africa’s Largest Antelope from Extinction

The Eastern bongo, also know as the mountain bongo, is Africa’s largest antelope. These striking russet-colored antelopes with white stripes and twisted horns are endemic to the upland forests of Kenya and are quite timid by nature.

China’s ivory trade ban wins praise in Africa

The government of Tanzania and conservation organizations on Wednesday hailed China’s decision to end ivory trade, saying the move offered hope for the future of elephants in Africa.

Prince Harry Appointed President Of Conservation Group African Parks

In a move that underscores his growing commitment to conservation, His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, aka Prince Harry, has been named the new President of African Parks.

Nairobi conference to ‘beat pollution before it beats us’

Kenya and Rwanda are seen by the UN as exemplary in the fight against a deadly menace: pollution. An international meeting in Nairobi is trying to come up with a global strategy to protect humankind.

Africa vows to adopt good environmental practices from China

NAIROBI, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) — African environmental ministers on Tuesday vowed to adopt China’s good environmental practices to help reduce the level of forest degradation and air pollution in the continent.

African protected area saving endangered megafauna

One of Africa’s last remaining wilderness areas is in good shape and could potentially support 50,000 elephants and 1000 lions, a University of Queensland-led study has found.

EU donates millions to help save Africa’s wildlife

The European Union on Tuesday (5 December) donated €17.2 million as part of a €30m package to boost efforts in Eastern and Southern Africa to reduce the illegal killing of wildlife and the trafficking of related products.