Typhoon Haima

Typhoon Haima will hit Hong Kong and Southern China later this morning and landfall around 14h00; Friday 21 October 2016. All city and council governments as well as schools and businesses throughout the island will closed today (Friday 21/10).  There is serious disruption to flight schedules from HKG CAN and SZX airports with over 200 cancellations [...]

AWF Urges Moratorium on Sport Hunting of Elephants

At a time when African elephants are facing extraordinary threats to their survival, AWF is urging governments that currently allow sport hunting of elephants to suspend such activities, and to enact a moratorium on elephant trophy hunting.

The end of canned lion hunting looks imminent

Breaking news has also come out of the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) AGM.

New approach to water usage needed

The worst drought in decades in South Africa will have far-reaching impacts, but will also motivate the government, businesses and consumers to change the way they use water.

Sea Harvest committed to fishing sustainably

According to Felix Ratheb, Sea Harvest’ Chief Executive Officer, it is well documented that the ocean’s fish stocks are under severe pressure from overfishing.

Top speakers inspire at the 2015 Green Building Convention

“If everyone got free WiFi with every tree they planted, we wouldn’t have the problem of climate change.”

Africa: South Africa in Midst of ‘Epic Drought’

South Africa is facing its worst drought since 1982, with more than 2.7 million households facing water shortages across the country, the government has said.

Wildlife conservation in the Congo is like guerrilla warfare. Rangers stalk – and are stalked by – poachers

Johannesburg — The eight suspected poachers stood under a tree, apparently unaware they were being tracked by 10 rangers from Congo’s Garamba National Park.

South Africa: Huge Serval Population Found Around Sasol Fuel Plant

Scientists are both astonished and excited after more than 100 serval cats were captured on camera in a population study around Sasol’s fuel plant in Secunda.

Plastic Shopping Bags & Environmental Impact

Disposable bags may seem convenient but have proven to be a huge source of pollution.