Giraffe numbers shrink alarmingly

Durban – The population of the world’s tallest animal species, the giraffe, is shrinking fast.

Elephant skin graft gives mutilated rhino second chance

A rhinoceros in South Africa that was mutilated by poachers for its horn is getting a chance to recover after receiving a skin graft from an elephant, a veterinarian said.

One of the newest, most viable forms of clean energy could beat all other existing options

Worldwide oil prices are subject to quite a bit of volatility and are often affected by political disputes and controversies.

Fake elephant tusks fitted with GPS, help to uncover smuggling routes

Poaching is at its all time highest across Africa, with more elephants and rhinos being slaughtered now than ever before.

Recycling prize for textbooks and fixing classrooms

What would your school do with the prize money if you win the 2015 Schools Recycling Competition? ‘We will buy textbooks, and fix broken chairs, desks and windows at the schools.

Killing of Cecil sparks calls to ban trophy hunting

The maiming with a crossbow and later killing of Cecil, the famous Hwange lion, by American dentist Walter Palmer has led to an international firestorm of protest and calls for the banning of all trophy hunting worldwide.

Corruption undermines every aspect of conservation

Poached ivory is being laundered as legal ivory and park staff, customs officials and politicians have been implicated. Some conservationists argue this corruption can’t be tackled and have called for a complete trade ban.

The innovators: how tiny amounts of wind energy could light up Africa

Royal College of Art graduate Charlotte Slingsby has developed energy generation system involving sheets of plastic with wave-like filaments.

The king of the jungle has returned to Rwanda

Rwanda reached a major conservation milestone this week as it reintroduced lions to the country after more than a decade of being absent.

Maasai women are leading the solar revolution in rural Kenya

A new project spearheaded by Green Energy Africa sees Maasai women delivering simple solar technology to improve the lives of rural Kenyans.