As poaching heats up, conservationists advocate sending South Africa rhinos to Texas

The proposal to transport 6% of the country’s white rhinos to the Lone Star State, announced last week by Group Elephant and the Exotic Wildlife Alliance, underlines just how serious the illegal wildlife trade has become.

Call for China to Support Africa Conservation

So strong was the call for support for the closure of all ivory and rhino horn trade into Africa at a high profile Forum in Beijing that a Resolution was signed.

Vietnam, South Africa strengthen ties in biodiversity conservation

The Vietnamese Government is willing to enhance cooperation with South Africa and other countries in biodiversity conservation both bilaterally and multilaterally, said Vietnamese Ambassador to the African nation Le Huy Hoang.

Global bird conservation could be four times more cost-effective

Targeting conservation efforts to safeguard biodiversity, rather than focusing on charismatic species, could make current spending on threatened birds four times more effective, a new study has shown.

Africa: Call for Conservation to Respect Tribal Peoples’ Rights

Tribal peoples are generally the best conservationists; they have managed their lands sustainably for many generations. Forcibly removing tribal peoples from their land usually results in environmental damage.

Chelsea Clinton highlights plight of elephants on visit to reserve in Kenya

Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, visited one of Africa’s most prominent elephant reserves Sunday, highlighting the enormous threat still facing the species, in spite of growing conservation efforts.

New species of diving beetle found living in isolation in Africa

A striking new species of beetle with no direct relatives has been identified by a scientist from Plymouth University living in wetlands on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Wildlife conservation hub to be established in Victoria Falls

THE Africa Albida Tourism group says it plans to establish a wildlife conservation hub in Victoria Falls to be known as Santonga Park as part of efforts to provide research and educational facilities for wildlife conservation.

Tesla’s low-cost renewable battery could revolutionise Africa’s energy supply

Batteries that can store renewable energy for longer and at half the current cost have been hailed as an energy revolution that could transform Africa’s power supply.

South Africa rhino poaching at new record levels

PRETORIA – The South African government said Sunday that more rhinos had been poached in 2015 than in the previous year, as the number of poached rhinos in the country balloons to record levels.