Elephant conservation: The need for political will

The greatest threat to the safety of Africa’s elephants is not the poachers who prey on them for their tusks; rather it’s the governments of many of their homelands who lack the political will to ensure their safety. Indeed these very governments are in many cases complicit in the demise of these great animals.

2015 Rhino Conservation Awards to honour rangers on the front-line

According to a recent article written by photojournalist, Scott Ramsay, rhino poaching in South Africa is at record levels, with more than 1215 having been killed in 2014.

Scientists to discuss preservation of Cape’s floral kingdom

Challenges to the preservation of the Cape’s unique floral kingdom for the next 100 years will be top of the agenda when several of South Africa’s foremost conservation scientists converge at the Lanzerac Hotel in the Jonkershoek Valley near Stellenbosch.

Marine Dynamics takes conservation award

Marine Dynamics is very proud to have won the African Responsible Tourism Award for Best in Wildlife Conservation. This category is awarded to a tourism business or initiative that preserves and carefully manages habitat and wildlife species.

Natural Resource Depletion

Our current global population is 7.2 billion and growing. Earth’s total resources are only good for 2 billion people at the current demand. Let’s do the math, and it is obvious that the result is a negative.

Declining great apes of Central Africa get new action plan for conservation for the next decade

Great Apes

The number of gorillas and chimpanzees in Central Africa continues to decline due to hunting, habitat loss, and disease, combined with a widespread lack of law enforcement and corruption in the judicial process.

Conservation is war: Inside the battle to save Africa’s elephants

African Elephants

Every day in Zakouma National Park, in the Salamat region of southeastern Chad, park rangers risk their lives to protect elephants that have managed to survive the poaching massacres of the last decade.

Africa’s Conservation Miracle: The Return of the Rhinos

North Lunagwa Rhinos

The North Luangwa Conservation Programme was established by Frankfurt Zoological Society, and it receives funding from organisations that include Save the Rhino, which is based in London.

Mountain gorillas stuck in genetic bottleneck

Mountain Gorillas

Researchers have constructed the first complete genomic sequence for the mountain gorilla. The data may help conservationists to improve the plight of the critically endangered species, which is found only in Central Africa.

The role of renewable energy in South Africa’s energy mix

Renewable Energy South Africa

The solution to the energy crisis might be at home with the country’s renewable energy independent power producer (REIPP) procurement programme.