Botswana MPs Want Wildlife Hunting Ban Lifted

A week before Botswana hosts two key wildlife conservation conferences, a small group of lawmakers are seeking a review of a 2014 commercial hunting ban designed to reverse a decline in wildlife.

Gorillas vs Oil: DR Congo Seeking way to Explore at Virunga Park

In the Virunga national park, Africa’s oldest natural reserve and home to the mountain gorilla, the endangered Great Ape and its habitat are under a new threat: oil exploration.

Solar Water Heating Delay Hurts Investments

The Department of Energy freeze on rolling out the solar water heating programme has created an uncertain environment that has deterred investors, Parliament heard on Wednesday, 11 March.

Drip by Drip, Tanzania Farmers Learn to Cope with Drought

Peter Chuwa has long flooded his paddy field using a canal that draws water from the river.

Is the Global Coal Boom Over?

It wasn’t that long ago that we all assumed coal use would keep growing for decades to come. But those assumptions were wrong.

Kenya to Burn All Ivory Stockpiles This Year – Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday called for a collective approach from all stakeholders in fighting the poaching menace in Kenya and the African continent.

Organized Crime Threat to Wild Species on the Increase, Says UN on Wildlife Day

The Second World Wildlife Day, themed “It’s time to get serious about wildlife crime” is being observed around the world, Tuesday.

KaXu Solar One to Ease Pressure on SA’s Energy Grid

The first house in South Africa got electricity in 1890; by 1996, 5-million homes were connected to the grid.

Bundu expects shale gas exploration right decision this year

Unconventional gas explorer Challenger Energy expects to hear by the third or second quarter of this year whether its subsidiary, Bundu Gas and Oil Exploration, will be allowed to explore for shale gas in South Africa’s Karoo basin.

Biologist Aims to Grow Synthetic Rhino Horns

A Seattle-based biotechnology startup that hopes to grow cruelty-free rhino horns in a laboratory to save the animal from poachers — and eventually from extinction — says it has already produced multiple batches of rhino horn powder.