World Bank to Ditch Coal for Clean Energy

The World Bank will invest heavily in clean energy and only fund coal projects in “circumstances of extreme need” because climate change will undermine efforts to eliminate extreme poverty, says its President Jim Yong Kim.

Wildlife Crime Study Finds 33,000 Items Worth £7m for Sale Online

The world’s endangered wildlife is for sale on the world wide web: live tigers, bears, orangutans and chimpanzees are all just a few clicks away

Google Keeps an Eye out for Fish Poachers

Global fishing watch

When we think of poaching, we tend to focus on land animals being illegally hunted toward extinction, but a similar event is happening to fish in the sea.

In Africa, Tracker Dogs Join War Against Elephant Poachers

MANYARA RANCH, Tanzania—On October 14, tracker dogs led game scouts to a group of armed poachers who were on the run after shooting and killing a well-known old elephant bull just outside Tarangire National Park.

Mozambique Dragging its Heels – No Real Effort to Combat Elephant Poaching

In the dead of night a group of men hack the meat from a corpse using rusted machetes and pocket knives

In Battle Against Food Waste, Rethinking “Use By” Labels

Everyone’s done it: You reach into your fridge and pluck out something tasty that you’ve meaning to eat but had half-forgotten about, only to discover that its “best before” date passed a few days earlier.

SA Taking Bold Steps to Fight Climate Change

South Africa has taken bold steps to fight climate change, says Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa.

Clearwater Mall gets Solar Plant, Many More to Follow

Clearwater Mall in the western parts of Johannesburg has launched a rooftop solar power plant which will generate 3% of its electricity.

WWF Calls for Entries for Innovative Energy Awards

World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa (WWF-SA) on Tuesday launched the 2014-15 round of the organisation’s international Climate Solver Awards platform, providing an opportunity for small businesses to showcase innovative technologies that reduce carbon emissions and boost energy access.

Beehive Wins Social Innovation Awards

The SAB Foundation has named local innovation, Bee-Pak™, a compact bee farming system, as the R1-million prize winner in its 4th Annual Social Innovation Awards.