Department of Environmental Affairs Trying to Remove Protection for Elephants

At a recent stakeholder meeting called by the Department of Environmental Affairs to discuss proposed amendments to the Elephant Norms and Standards, it became apparent that the Department appears to be intending to remove all welfare-based provisions relating to elephants.

Thirsty Serengeti Wildlife to Get New Water Hole: Lake Victoria

After decades of struggling to help the wildlife of Serengeti National Park cope with Tanzania’s increasingly intense droughts, the government is implementing a controversial plan to use Lake Victoria as an alternative water source for the animals.

Absa, FDA Offering Rebate on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Loans

Barclays Africa group company Absa, in partnership with the French Development Agency (FDA), was offering commercial businesses in South Africa an up to 7% rebate on loans of up to R100-million that are used to fund energy efficiency or renewable energy projects.

KZN Shark Board to Test Protection Cable

The KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board (KZNSB) will begin testing an electronic shark repellent cable next month in an attempt to prevent future shark attacks.

Nations to Decide on South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary

International Whaling Commission (IWC) members were on Tuesday debating a fresh attempt to create a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic, an idea thwarted by pro-hunting nations for years.

Unlikely Bedfellows: Mines that Run on Solar or Wind Power

At first blush, mining and renewable energy seem incongruous.

How NASA is Tracking Earth’s Melting Arctic Sea Ice

NASA kicked off a new expedition at the top of the world this week to study melting sea ice in order to learn more about Earth’s changing climate.

Water Experts Urge Environmental Rules for Shale Gas Extraction

Extracting shale gas has environmental consequences and puts pressure on scarce water resources, requiring strict monitoring and regulation, energy and water experts said.

World Water Week: We Must Replicate Stockholm’s Water Improvements

This week the who’s who of the world’s water experts, government representatives, UN agencies and practitioners have descended on Stockholm for World Water Week to discuss challenges and find solutions around the world’s most important resource: water.

Whistle-blowing Website WildLeaks Targets Powerful Poaching Networks

Wildleaks, a new website in the vein of WikiLeaks has set its sights on taking down powerful poaching networks and illegal logging operations