SANParks Allegedly Sold Rhinos to Hunting Farms for ‘Safekeeping’

On the 20th July 2014 an announcement was made about the relocation of 500 rhinos out of Kruger National Park

Interview with Kruger’s Anti-poaching Chief General Johan Jooste

There’s a small sign above Major-General Johan Jooste’s desk at his office in Skukuza, the headquarters of Kruger National Park.

Gabon Poachers Decimate Pangolin

Hunted for generations for its tasty meat, the scaly-skinned pangolin is under threat in Gabon as demand for the small mammal surges in Asia, where it is used in traditional medicine.

Cool initiative: Food Waste Composting Curbs Climate Change

When are we going to stop sending our food waste to landfills, where it emits dangerous methane gas contributing to climate change?

Poisons and Poaching: A Deadly Mix Requiring Urgent Action

Darcy Ogada has studied the animals of Africa for a long time, but this might be the worst of times yet.

Industry Body Launches 2030 ‘Zero Plastics to Landfill’ Objective

South African plastics industry body Plastics SA has launched its new sustainability objective, ‘Zero plastics to landfill by 2030’, which aims to divert all plastic from the country’s landfill sites and significantly influence the plastics industry’s waste and recycling strategic direction over the next 16 years.

R80m US Solar Plant to Open in Cape Town

Washington – United States company Jinko Solar will open its R80m, 120 MW SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) module production facility in Cape Town on Tuesday, Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies announced.

Shell ‘Failing’ to Clean Oil Pollution in Nigeria

Lagos – Little action has been taken to clean up pollution caused by oil production in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, either by the government or Shell Oil, Amnesty International and other groups charged on Monday

US Stands Firm on Elephant Trophy Ban

The US government has upheld its earlier ban on the importation of elephant trophies from Tanzania and Zimbabwe for the duration of 2014, despite vocal objections from hunting lobbies.

Are the Poachers Winning? South African Rhinos Killed so Far in 2014 Surge to 618

Anti-poaching efforts around the world might be stepping up their tactics to go toe-to-toe with well equipped criminals, but is that enough to protect rhinos in South Africa?