SA Launches One of Africa’s Biggest Wind Farms

The R3-billion Jeffrey’s Bay wind farm, located between the towns of Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province, was officially inaugurated last week.

South Africa Enters Solar Power World Top 10

South Africa has now connected more than half a gigawatt of utility-scale solar power, moving into the world top 10 of countries harnessing renewable energy from the sun, according to figures released last month by

Namibia Ropes Armed Forces into Poaching War

Cabinet has approved a request by Namibia’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism to allow the country’s security forces to be involved in the fight against poaching and other crimes threatening the country’s wildlife

Call for Trade Embargo against Mozambique for Failure to Address Poaching Issues

Two international environmental organisations have called on the US government to implement trade sanctions against Mozambique for its official complicity in the ongoing rampant slaughter of elephants and rhinos by Mozambican nationals not only within Mozambique but also in South Africa and Tanzania.

South Africa: 10 Days and 62 Rhinos Dead

South Africa has released its latest rhino stats which show that so far in 2014 558 rhinos have been killed in the country.