It’s Time to Treat Illegal Wildlife Trade like a Serious Crime

A new report calls for international collaboration to fight the crime organizations behind illegal trading in wood and wildlife.

Organic Farm in Benin, an Example for Africa

Porto-Novo – With his pilgrim’s staff and panama hat, Father Godfrey Nzamujo nips up and down the paths of Songhai, the organic farm he created nearly 30 years ago to fight poverty and rural migration in Africa.

Meet Hugh Whalan, a Clean-Tech Entrepreneur Making Waves in Africa

Learn some of the lessons serial entrepreneur Hugh Whalan has learned in the 7 years he’s been working on renewable energy in the developing world.

The Next Breadbasket

Why big corporations are grabbing up land on the planet’s hungriest continent.

Serengeti Highway Ruling Prevents Tanzania from Building Bitumen Road

The East African Court of Justice yesterday delivered a long awaited ruling on the case brought against the Tanzanian government by ANAW and others, seeking to restrain them permanently from building a highway across the Serengeti migration routes of the great herds of wildebeest and zebras.

SA Developing Blue Economy Strategy

In order to make full use of its oceans’ potential, the South African government is in the process of developing a blue economy strategy, said the Department of Environmental Affairs.

Over 450 Fruit Trees Planted in Khayelitsha

Greenpop and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) partnered to plant fruit trees and indigenous vegetation at the Abalimi Bezekhaya community gardens in Khayelitsha.

Victory for Virunga

Oil company won’t drill in Africa’s oldest national park

Pangolin Poaching Reaches ‘Epic’ Levels

Four African species of pangolins are in severe danger as poaching levels rise drastically, according to a report.

Looking for the Holy Grail: Heat-Resistant Corals that could Survive in Warming Oceans

Coral reefs are extremely important biodiversity hotspots.