New Energy Project in Kraaifontein

Cape Town – A new way to turn plastic into oil will be tested in Cape Town, the project is seen as a new energy option.

Conference Will Focus on Legalising Rhino Horn Trade

While the issue of legalising trade and exporting rhino horn is frequently debated in the conservation corridors of Washington, Nairobi and Brussels, Outraged South African Citizens Against Poaching (OSCAP) has decided to bring the debate to SA’s doorstep.

Using Bees to Protect Elephants and Farmers

According to the World Wildlife Fund, there were as many as 3-5 million African elephants in the 1930s and 1940s. However, due to loss of habitat and poachers seeking ivory and meat, elephant populations in Africa have significantly decreased.

‘Intensive Protection Zone’ to be Created in Kruger to Protect Rhinos

An ‘intensive protection zone’ (IPZ) using sophisticated detection and tracking equipment and infrastructure on the ground, as well as in the air, will be established to combat rhino poaching in South Africa’s flagship Kruger National Park and assess antipoaching tactics that can be applied in other regions of Africa.

Why You Should Get to the African ‘Alps’ Asap

Rwenzori Mountains – In swirling snow, John Medenge prods a thin ice bridge over a crevasse with an iron-tipped spear, guiding climbers scaling the steep glacial wall using crampons and axes.

Solarcentury Africa Brings Solar to More Roofs in South Africa

Solarcentury Africa is a solar energy company that works across the commercial roof, solar park and isolated grid markets.

All 60 Turbines Now Erected at Eastern Cape Wind Project

All 60 turbines have been installed at the 138 MW Jeffreys Bay wind farm, in the Eastern Cape, with the project, which is already supplying electricity to Eskom, expected to enter commercial operations in May.

Young Gorillas Observed Destroying Poachers’ Traps

For Rwanda’s population of Mountain gorillas, poaching remains one of the biggest threats to their long-term survival. But after decades of being a prime target for unlawful hunters, these critically endangered gorillas have apparently learned to outsmart them — and even the youngsters are getting in on the act.

Global March for Lions

South African wildlife activists have initiated a Global March for Lions that will be held in various cities throughout the world to highlight the plight of lions caught up in the canned hunting industry. The march is to be held on Saturday 15th March 2014.

Light from a Bottle

Cape Town – A huge issue for South Africans living in informal settlements is the lack of electricity. A non profit organisation is changing this problem with one cooldrink bottle at a time.