Zulu Church Embraces Fake Fur to Protect Leopards

Carrying Zulu warrior shields and draped in leopard skins, the men of South Africa’s Shembe Church move hypnotically as they go through the steps of a traditional religious ritual.

Plane, Train or Automobile: Which Has the Biggest Footprint?

Which form of travel gives off the fewest emissions? Let’s just say it pays to carpool.

Innovative DIY Solar Water Pump Takes Aim at Global Water Crisis

In an age when many of us have unprecedented and almost instant access to technology and resources, and yet others in the developing world are dying daily because of lack of something basic and simple, such as access to clean drinking water, it should be fairly obvious that there’s something very wrong with the state of human affairs.

Green Loans Help Kenya’s Small Farmers and Protect the Environment

A scheme offering cheap credit to Kenyan farmers in return for conservation measures has produced encouraging results.

License to Kill: Legal Culling of 900 000 Jackals and Caracals in Cape

In 2011, members of the agricultural lobby in the Western Cape were legally permitted to kill just short of 900 000 jackals and caracals. That is more than its combined population. Issued as a means to control the problem of livestock loss, it’s a decision that could wipe out the Cape’s mid-level predator group entirely and result in the collapse of an ecosystem.

SA Reduces 2013 Electricity Consumption by 0.5%

South Africa’s consumption of electricity decreased by 0.5% year-on-year in 2013, while the country’s yearly electricity production narrowed by 0.7% over the 12 months, Statistics South Africa said on Wednesday.

Get Close to Endangered Rhinos While Helping to Conserve Them

Another day, another tale of mixed blessings in the convoluted story of the endangered rhino. At an auction organised by the Dallas Safari Club in Texas last weekend, a big game hunter caused outrage by paying $350,000 for the right to shoot a black rhino in Namibia. Meanwhile in Britain, it emerged that Prince William is planning to rally support for the animal’s plight by speaking at a summit on endangered species in London next month.

Rwandan Government Looking to Build More Green Villages

Climate change and environmental degradation are a major agent of destabilization of people’s lives, but Rwanda is now building environmentally friendly, ‘green’ villages to help mitigate peoples’ environmental impact.